Tippmann OMEGA HPA Carbine 6mm BB Airsoft Rifle, black

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Tippmann OMEGA HPA Carbine 6mm BB Airsoft Rifle, black

The Tippmann Omega is the second HPA Airsoft model from the manufacturer's arsenal. The stable and high quality manufactured body known from the Tippmann Airsoft M4 has now been improved with an ergonomically adapted handle made of polymer plastic. In addition to this innovation, the Tippmann Omega can shine with an M-Lok hand guard made of aluminium. Due to the Poppet Valve construction, which originates from the paintball sport, a much higher firing frequency is achieved than usual with Airsoft models in this price range.

The Omega uses HPA or CO2 as a propellant. The electric release is powered by a 9 volt block battery. A simulated recoil in the shoulder support is deliberately omitted in order to guarantee high precision and efficiency.

The Omega is normally operated with a 0.2 l HPA, 200 bar bottle. This is mounted directly at the end of the weapon and is beautifully integrated into the shoulder rest. With a 0.2 l HPA bottle approx. 1100 shots at approx. 1.2 Joule are possible. The HPA version is compatible with all AEG tuning parts such as inner barrels and various AEG magazines. Even the HopUp unit can be replaced by common AEG parts, if desired.

Features & Benefits
Stable and high-quality body
-Ergonomic polymer handle
-M-Lok hand protection
-Electropneumatic Engine
-Compatible with AEG components
Sturdy and high-quality body
Ergonomic polymer handle
M-Lok hand protection
Electropneumatic Engine
Compatible with AEG components

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