Glock 17 Gen4 6mm BB Airsoftpistol, black

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Glock 17 Gen4 6mm BB Airsoftpistol, black

The GLOCK 17 Gen4 is currently the most popular version of the Austrian service weapon used by the German GSG9 and SEK. A non-slip grip provides the right grip even in the rain. The back of the handle is interchangeable and can therefore be adapted to any hand size.

The 6mm BB version of Umarex can hardly be differentiated from the original, this impression is further enhanced by the authentic metal slide and a recoil generated by the blowback system. The Glock 17 Gen4 has a maximum energy of 1.0 Joule and an adjustable hop-up system which ensures proper range and precision.

The GLOCK 17 is powered by a CO2 capsule inserted into the magazine.

- Calibre 6mm BB
- barrel of metal
- Authentic metal slide
- Magazine capacity 25 rounds
- Hop-up system
- Energy: max 1,0 Joule
- Requires 12g CO2 capsule

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