HP Regulator Ninja LPR V2 for Airsoft

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HP Regulator Ninja LPR V2 for Airsoft

With the Ninja LPR V2 you can use any paintball air system with up to a 500 PSI output to power the LPR, no need to get a special regulator, use the reg you have! The LPR V2 has a adjustable output pressure of 0-140psi and is perfect for airsoft systems like the Polarstar.

The Ninja LPR V2's is only using single dynamic o-ring design to keep you on the field longer. The system can be fully rebuilt in a blink of a second. The direct acting regulation means extremely fast recharge rates for consistent shot to shot velocity even up to 25 RPS.

Additional Information: 
This regulator is not PI certified
Hoses are not included.

Regulators and bottles without PI certification are legal to be sold and used.
Non PI bottles and regulators must be transported with a filling pressure under 2 bar on public roads. 

Specially developed for airsoft players who don't want to miss compressed air systems.
Quickly mounted, the LPR V2 is simply screwed onto a regulator of your paintball compressed air system.
The Low Pressure Regulator can be adjusted to an output pressure between 0 - 140 PSI and is perfectly suited for e.g. Solarstar Airsoft systems.
Compact design and easy handling.
Long durability, thanks to the excellent quality of Ninja Paintball.

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