Multitool HK Army Ball Sizer .68 Cal, different colors

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HK Army

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Color:black Over 10 pcs
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Color:red 8 pcs
Color:blue 7 pcs
Color:grey 9 pcs
Color:green 9 pcs
Color:purple 10 pcs
Color:gold 6 pcs

Multitool Ball Sizer .68 Cal, different colors

The Ball Sizer from HK Army is a handy little helper for every player.

Using the nine different hole sizes you can determine the size of the paintballs and find out which back is best suited for your paint.

In addition to the Ball Sizer, this little all-rounder also has a bottle opener, box opener as well as a tank regulator extender wrench.

In order not to lose your Ball Sizer, you can attach it to a belt, rucksack or lanyard with the help of the included carabiner.

Optimize your barrel- Paint ratio.
With the nine different hole sizes you can easily determine the size of your paintballs.
With additional bottle and parcel belt opener and an open-end wrench.

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