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Barrel Dye CF Boomstick 15" .688 black

Barrel Dye CF Boomstick 15" .688 black

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Barrel Dye CF Boomstick 15" .688 black

The two-piece Carbon DYE barrels make the flight path of the paintballs more stable, making it easier to hit targets. The material carbon makes the barrel extremely light.

The longer the paintball flies, the worse the shot becomes, therefore tuning barrels are one of the most important tuning parts for a paintball marker, because you can shoot more precisely at a longer distance.

The spreading circuit remains small longer. Small spreading circle = good firing results = better hit rate. In addition, make sure that the size of the barrel matches the paintball, because paintballs can have a different size (up to three digits behind the decimal point can be measured and felt). Only a barrel that fits well to the size of the paintball delivers high hit rates. Therefore, some manufacturers supply barrels with different sizes.

As a rule, longer runs are more precise and quieter, as they guide the paintball longer and remove excess air through lateral holes.

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