Empire Super Freak Barrel Kit Polished Black, incl. 5 Inserts

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Empire Super Freak Barrel Kit Polished Black, incl. 5 Inserts

The Empire Super Freak barrel provides a consistently accurate shot for your paintball marker. The sized aluminum inserts fit any ball diameter to create the perfect bore-to-paint match, which equates to less paint breakage, greater air effciency, and greater accuracy.

- Includes two barrel tips in 14" and 16"
- Barrel back fits Autococker barrel threads
- Incl. 5 bore inserts in .675, .680, .685, .690, and .695.
- And included neoprene barrel bag for protection
- Polished finish

Again a Paint which is to small or too to big? The Empire Super Freak barrel system allows you to adjust your marker or barrel system perfectly to the used paint.
Your marker becomes more precise, quieter and requires less air due to a perfect barrel / paint combination.
The freak sleeves with the bore sizes: .675, .680, 685, .690 and .695, which are included in the scope of delivery, are pushed exactly into the barrel back.
Includes 14" and 16" barrel front and neoprene bag for a safe transport of your barrel.
Compatible with markers with cocker thread.

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