Planet Eclipse 3 piece barrel Shaft FR and Shaft Pro Tip 16", black .684

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Planet Eclipse 3 piece barrel Shaft FR and Shaft Pro Tip 16", black .684

The all in one package for your gun! You'll get the Shaft FR barrel back, Shaft Pro Tip and a .684 freak insert with this package.

Shaft FR:
The Planet Eclipse Shaft FR ("FreakTM Ready") Barrel Back is fully compatible with "FreakTM" inserts for optimized bore selection. The Shaft FR back assembles in a special manner so that the ball is guided into the Insert via a tapered opening at the rear. The insert is held in place by the Joiner section which doubles as the interface to the Tip. The Shaft FR back has 3 windows that make it possible to quickly and easily identify which insert is being used as well as "Quick Threads" that allow the barrel to be attached and removed from your marker in less than half the time when compared to standard Cocker threaded barrels.

Shaft Pro Tip:
Being designed in collaboration with some of the world’s top pro paintball players, the Planet Eclipse Shaft Pro Barrel Tip picks up less "rub" or paint from bunkers, keeps the ports clear and the barrel in optimum condition…in addition it simply looks awesome! The new porting configuration also helps to reduce the sound signature of your marker. For the purist, hook the Barrel Tip up with the Planet Eclipse Shaft FR ("Freak Ready") Barrel Back so you can use "Freak" inserts to customize bore size. But it also works perfectly with all current Shaft4 backs.

The Shaft FR Backs are compatible with Shaft3 and 4 Tips and the new Shaft Pro Barrel Tip. Shaft FR barrel backs MUST have a Freak insert to operate.
The installation of this product may increase the muzzle velocity of your Paintball marker. This will void the in Germany needed F-Stamp and approval.

Fits the whole Shaft4 range
Individual boresize because of freak inserts
Compatible with Shaft3,4 and the Pro Tip
Cool design 
Color: black

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