Planet Eclipse Shaft FR Freak Ready Combo, black

Planet Eclipse Shaft FR Freak Ready Combo, black

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Planet Eclipse

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Insert:.695;Tip:14 Inch Over 10 pcs
Insert:.693;Tip:14 Inch Over 10 pcs
Insert:.695;Tip:16 Inch Over 10 pcs
Insert:.693;Tip:16 Inch Over 10 pcs
Insert:.690;Tip:14 Inch Over 10 pcs
Insert:.687;Tip:14 Inch Over 10 pcs
Insert:.690;Tip:16 Inch Over 10 pcs
Insert:.687;Tip:16 Inch Over 10 pcs

Planet Eclipse Shaft FR Freak Ready Combo, black

Get the all-round carefree Planet Eclipse package! With this set you get the popular Shaft FR (Freak Ready) barrel back a matching 14" or 16" front part and one of the following inserts.684, .685, .687, .689, .690, .691, .693, .695

No matter if you want to give your EMEK 100 a two-piece barrel or have another marker with cocker thread, this package is the perfect entry into the barrel tuning scene.

Shaft FR:
From now on you only need one barrel back for your marker! The Shaft FR (Freak Ready) barrel back can easily be equipped with commercial Freak sleeves. So all you need is a barrel back and freak sleeves of your choice.

14" version with Shaft Pro Tip:
Planet Eclipse has developed the new Pro Tip in cooperation with the world's best Pro players. The new angular design not only looks cool, it also reduces the abrasion of paint that accumulates on paintball covers.

16" variant with Shaft 4 tip:
The 16" Shaft 4 Tip is especially suitable for the Woodland and Scenario area. Due to the overall longer run the paintball is guided longer and reaches maximum stability. So that the air does not escape explosively at the end of the tip, the tip has holes over the entire length that allow the air to escape in a controlled manner. This ensures a quieter shot and maximum precision.

Attention: The installation of this product can increase the muzzle velocity of a paintball marker. You should therefore have your marker checked by an expert!
All around carefree package, consisting of barrel back, front and insert.
Perfect for getting into the running tuning scene
With the Shaft FR barrel back you only need a barrel back and freak insert of your choice
. The new and angular design, reduces the abrasion of paint, which accumulates on paintball covers and still looks cool
. The 16 inch Varantie ensures a quieter shot as well as maximum precision, perfect for the Woodland at Scenario range

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