Ruthless Infamous 14" Silencio XL Tip, red

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Ruthless Infamous 14" Silencio XL Tip, red

The players of Pro Team Infamous have been looking for a Tip that meets their requirements for a long time. The requirements for the front were clear: It should be precise, weatherproof, robust and have a quiet shot signature.

So they decided to develop the front according to their exact wishes. And here it is!

The porting of the Silencio XL front does not consist of up to 114 round holes, as in comparable fronts, but of 20 long holes. The lower number of porting holes has the advantage that less turbulence created behind the ball. This provides more accuracy and a quieter shooting noise.

As a further highlight, the front uses the so-called ‘capillary effect’. This reduces the entry of liquids such as water and paint into the Tip. The liquid is trapped in the porting by the surface tension and blown out by the pressure wave of the next shot. This ensures that the shot remains very precise, even in rainy weather.

- developed by Pro Team Infamous
- unique linear porting
- precise even in rain
- light, because it is 100% aluminium

Compatible with:
- Freak XL back

Installing this product may increase the muzzle velocity of a paintball marker. This may invalidate the type approval (F symbol). You should therefore have your marker checked by an expert!

Developed by Pro Team Infamous
Unique Linear Porting
Precise even in rain
Light, because it is 100% aluminium
Suitable for Freak XL back

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