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Valken Plate Carrier II

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Valken Plate Carrier II

The Valken Plate Carrier II offers you countless design possibilities and perfect wearing comfort.

The three magazine pockets allow you to transport three G36 or M4 magazines. Your EMEK EMF100, TMC or T15 magazines fit perfectly in the magazine pockets. With the bungee loops attached to the magazine pouches, you can protect your magazines from falling out. So everything is in place, even in hot situations.

The hidden admin pocket on the chest allows you to keep your cash, cards or keys safe and secure. The large velcro field offers plenty of space for your patches. So you can design the Plate Carrier according to your taste.

The numerous Molle loops allow you to attach additional Molle accessories to the Plate Carrier. For example, you can attach more magazine pouches to the Plate Carrier.

Thanks to the adjustable hip and shoulder straps, the Plate Carrier can be adjusted to your desired size.

- Made from high quality waterproof 900D fabric
- Adjustable hip and shoulder straps
- Hidden admin bag
- Three magazine pockets with bungee loops suitable for G36 or M4 magazines (EMF100, TMC or T15)
- Large velcro field for attaching your patches
- Numerous Molle loops
- Dummy Plate foam insert


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