22.12.2017 · News Clearance Sale!

It´s cold, it´s rainy, no real Paintball Weather, but we will save you!

Bargain Hunters listen up, call it Clearance Sale, Blowout, Winter Sales, Factory Outlet Sale or huge Discounts!

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01.12.2017 · News

We would like to celebrate our 25th Anniversary with you!

Free Shipping over 25€!
FREE Shipping EU Wide for all orders above 25€!We would like to celebrate our 25th Anniversary with you. Watch out for more crazy Deals during 2018!

Shop now!

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29.11.2017 · News

The GMEK is here. Almost.

Planet Eclipse GMEK

One of the most talked about products of the past 6 months and certainly at this year's World Cup, the GMek mechanical frame kit for the Eclipse GTEK is on its way!

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23.11.2017 · News

Planet Eclipse Black Deals!

Planet Eclipse Black Deals!
You have been good, haven´t you? Now is pay back time!
10% Discount on all Planet Eclipse Products*.
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18.10.2017 · News

We love Woodland Paintball!

Euro Big Game

Woodland-Paintball, also known as Scenario-Paintball, is the original form of paintball. We here at, for 25 years the first point of contact for rookies, pro’s and everyone in-between, are affiliated with the EBG right from the beginning.
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19.09.2017 · News

Winter is coming...

HDE Urban

The legendary  HDE Camo Clothing  got a nearly invisible scion, HDE Urban. Become one with your surroundings, get into the tactical shades of grey… .. read more ›
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