13.11.2019 · News

Jack Wood about the CS2 Pro - Behind the Scenes #5

We wrote down some questions and asked them Jack Wood, Lead Designer at Planet Eclipse, for a fast interview about the newly introduced Planet Eclipse CS2 Pro.

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07.11.2019 · News

HK Army x Planet Eclipse Invader CS2 Pro Limited Edition

HK Army / Planet Eclipse Invader CS2 Pro Limited Edition

The first Private Label CS2 Pro ever made by HK Army and Planet Eclipse. Very limited and god damn it's hot!

You love it fancy and you don´t want standard? The HK Army CS2 Pro comes with its own body design. The backcap is modelled in the HK Army logo look. HK all the way.... !

Order now Trailer:

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06.11.2019 · News

The Planet Eclipse CS2 Pro is revealed!

Planet Eclipse CS2 Pro

Inspired by feedback from Pro players worldwide, the Planet Eclipse CS2 Pro was developed.

The elegant and smooth design helps you to remove dirt faster from the marker. The newly designed Backcap is handy and easy to use even with wet hands.

The CS2 Pro includes everything that makes the player's heart beat faster. In addition to three Shaft FL backs in sizes .681, .685 and .689, the CS2 Pro comes with the new Shaft FL Aluminium barrel front, the Blade Trigger and the curved Scythe Trigger.

Be a Pro, Bro! CS2 Pro!

Order now!

Planet Eclipse CS2 Pro unboxing video:

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01.11.2019 · News

Bunker Kings CTRL Loader - Order now!

Bunker Kings CTRL Loader

Bunkerkings has done it again! After rigorous testing, they are proud to present the smallest, most perfectly balanced high-end loader in paintball.

While the CTRL loader licenses technology from the industry-leading Spire III loader, several important enhancements have been made.

It's the industry frist Loader with a Angle Indicator Training mode.

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11.10.2019 · News

Planet Eclipse 2020 bags in stock!

Planet Eclipse 2020 Bags

The Planet Eclipse bags for 2020 are in stock now.

You can choose between four new color ways and known one: Grit, Fighter red, Fighter blue, Fighter green and the All-time-Favorite HDE Earth.

Whether sleek, classy or fancy, whether you play paintball or not, there is something for every taste.

Order now!

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22.08.2019 · News

Planet Eclipse / Armotech 0,25 l 4500 psi HPA Systems

Planet Eclipse / Armotech 0,25 l 4500 psi HPA Systems

78 % more air at the same size!*

Our high-quality 15 ci 4500 psi HPA systems from Planet Eclipse (powered by Armotech) with the classic HDE Earth design is a must buy for every MagFed player. With a diameter of 50 mm they fit into most Airstocks like the PWR Stock.

78 % more air means 78 % more shots and 78 % more hits ;-)

Order now!

* Compared to 12/3000 HPA Systems

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