11.05.2017 · News

New: Planet Eclipse ETHA LT

Planet Eclipse ETHA LT

New standards were set, when the ETHA1 revolutionized the entry-level. Rugged, light, reliable and good to handle, the ETHA1 is a sensation, and just keeps running.
The ETHA LT Edition is the reincarnation of the original ETHA1, and as of now is available in the following colors: black / blue-black / HDE Earth-black.
Planet Eclipse splashed out, and added a Protoyz 0,8L HPA System, for a bundle price of only 309€
But there's more to it: As a world’s first, the ETHA LT will be available in official and extremely attractive Package-Deals:
The perfect package if you already own a hopper and mask. 

- Planet Eclipse ETHA LT in a color of your choice
- Protoyz 0,8l 200 Bar HPA System

Our second carefree package with products from Protoyz and GI Sportz. 

- Planet Eclipse ETHA LT in a color of your choice
- Protoyz 0,8l 200 Bar HPA System
- JT Revolution Classic E-Hopper
- Vforce "Sentry" thermal mask

Our third carefree package with products from Protoyz and Valken Paintball. 

- Planet Eclipse ETHA LT in a color of your choice
- Protoyz 0,8l 200 Bar HPA System
- Valken V-Max Plus E-Hopper
- Valken MI-3 "Annex" thermal mask


Planet Eclipse ETHA LT black

Planet Eclipse ETHA black

Planet Eclipse ETHA LT HDE Earth

Planet Eclipse ETHA HDE Earth-black

Pictures of the Planet Eclipse ETHA in red-black and blue-black will follow shortly!

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10.04.2017 · News

We are Planet Eclipse biggest spare parts warehouse world wide!

Planet Eclipse Spareparts

In the last couple of weeks we've pumped our Planet Eclipse spares to the max! You now can find parts from the ETEK1 up the newest models! We’re sure, if you can't find it in our shop, you won't find it anywhere else! .. read more ›

27.02.2017 · News

The ETHA2 launches on the 2nd of March!

Planet Eclipse ETHA2


To bring a unique and new approach to the ETHA platform, the ETHA2 was designed from scratch. Established designs were questioned; well-established know-how was scrutinized. The ETHA2 is a breath of fresh air, from the way it shoots, to the way it feels and looks. It will bring a fantastic new level of flexibility, reliability and performance to this price point.

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26.01.2017 · News

GEO CS1/CSR/GTEK 160R Blade Triggers

The Planet Eclipse range of blade triggers are the essential trigger upgrade for your GTEK 160R, CS1 or CSR.

¬ Shop links:
schwarz - silber - HDE camo - Flecktarn

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24.12.2016 · News

Merry Christmas!

We wish you, your family and friends a merry christmas! Enjoy the time together :-)

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02.12.2016 · News

EGO LVR - The best LV of all time!

Planet Eclipse EGO LVR

The LV1.1 Pro is the ultimate incarnation of the Planet Eclipse Ego, and poppet-valve markers in general. Its lightweight yet robust construction, it’s incredibly superior shot characteristics and quiet sound signature and its bullet-proof reliability are un-paralleled in this segment. .. read more ›

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