02.12.2016 · News

EGO LVR - The best LV of all time!

Planet Eclipse EGO LVR

The LV1.1 Pro is the ultimate incarnation of the Planet Eclipse Ego, and poppet-valve markers in general. Its lightweight yet robust construction, it’s incredibly superior shot characteristics and quiet sound signature and its bullet-proof reliability are un-paralleled in this segment. .. read more ›

25.11.2016 · News

Planet Eclipse GTEK & 160R Flecktarn

In cooperation with Planet Eclipse, we proudly present the all new GTEK and GTEK 160R “Flecktarn” camo-pattern! These Bad-Boys will get all Woodland and Scenario Players beaming with joy. .. read more ›

11.11.2016 · News

ETHA2: Are you ready for the ETHALUTION?

We all know that Planet Eclipse test markers out in plain sight and they pop up from time to time on the various forums. We never know if they are testing new parts, new markers or just teasing us… however, a couple of pics have surfaced that seemed to have slipped under the radar. .. read more ›

11.11.2016 · News

Planet Eclipse ProGram & Elite Pants

At the NXL World Cup, Planet Eclipse has released new playing gear. The all new Planet Eclipse ProGram and Elite Series Pant was created, to make you FASTER and STRONGER!

.. read more ›

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