29.05.2020 · News

Brand new Infamous products in stock!

Brand new Infamous products in stock!

Better late than never!

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20.05.2020 · News

Important: COVID-19 Update

Wichtig: COVID-19 Update

Over the last few days the number of messages we have received asking about production schedules and the delivery of certain products has increased. Below is our current situation, so people and dealers Worldwide will know where we are up to and what is happening.

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08.04.2020 · News

Paintball releases 1st half of 2020

Paintball releases 1st half of 2020

During February this year, the annual dealer and manufacturer exhibition named PB Extravaganza took place in Memphis USA.

The fair is next to the NXL World Cup one of the most important dates when it comes to the "newest and hottest paintball stuff".

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17.03.2020 · News

Our localstore is closing!


Due to the current situation our local store will be closed for an indefinite time.

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19.02.2020 · News

Planet Eclipse EGO LV1.6 - Behind the Scenes #7 Part 2

Planet Eclipse EGO LV1.6

Welcome to Part 2 of "Behind the Scene #7". In our second part we talked with Ledz about the new EGO LV1.6, why there is no LV2 and you'll get a little glimpse of the CS2 Mech Frame shown at the PB Extravaganza 2020.

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18.02.2020 · News

Planet Eclipse GEO4 - Behind the Scenes #7 Part 1

Planet Eclipse GEO4

Welcome to the newest addition of our "Behind the Scene" series. Today we interview Ledz of Planet Eclipse about the new GEO4 and EGO LV1.6. Let's start with the GEO4 first.

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