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All Paintball Extravaganza 2019 highlights!

From today till 21.02 the Paintball Extravaganza takes place in the United States. The Extravaganza is the dealer event of the year, presenting the latest and hottest products. We are at the event to provide you the latest product informations.

HK Army / Planet Eclipse new EJECT and Zero-G Battlepacks - Updated 23.02.2019
Planet Eclipse and HK Army are showing new Battlepack designs at the Extravaganza. The EJECT Pack is available in the versions Light and Dark Marl. This is a simple but noble design which really fits everything.

The Zero-G family is growing as well. Beside the current series in form of the FANTM design, there are now also Zero-G Battlepacks in an HDE design. This sexy Woodland Battlepack will make many players jump for joy.

We expect the first delivery in one to two weeks. Hurray!

HK Army / Planet Eclipse new EJECT and Zero-G Battlepacks

Planet Eclipse EMEK MG100 - Updated 22.02.2019
Featured in our December 2018 EMEK MG100 interview with Ledz, the MG100's stock was shown for the first time at this year's Extravaganaza. The futuristic looking is extremely smart designed.

It uses the 0.21l HP system to increase the contact area to the shoulder. More contact area means more grip and control in tense playing situations. It eliminates a huge problem Standard shoulder stocks usually have: The HP Systems is blocking the full use of the shoulder stock. This problem is not longer with the EMEK EMG100 stock: it forms a nice unit with the HP system.

Exact information’s about availability and price will be released later.

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Planet Eclipse EMEK MG100 Stock

Virtue Paintball VIO 2 Upgrade Kits for all older VIO goggles - Updated 21.02.2019
Fresh from the Extravaganza, here's the hottest news for all Virtue VIO users: Soon there will be two different upgrade kits for all VIO masks. The small kit consists of the new Virtue VIO 2 Pro Pad (Head padding). It will be available for 14,90€ and fits all VIO masks.

The big Upgrade Kit consists of a new, longer mask band, VIO2 Ear Pads and the VIO 2 Pro Pad. The large kit costs €34.90 and fits all older VIO masks. It will be available in Dark Slate blue, Dark Slate red, Dark Slate green, Dark Slate purple and Dark Slate.

There will also be an upgrade kit for the CMD mask from Bunker Kings. This kit consists of a mask band, foam kit, mask bag and chinstrap. The upgrade kit will cost 39,90€. The available colors and the availability of the kit are not yet finalized.

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Virtue VIO 2 Upgrade Kits for older VIO goggles

Planet Eclipse GTEK 170R
The new Planet Eclipse GTEK 170R is here, taking up the upper mid-range price segment by storm. It is the result of consistent further development of the 160R platform and offers a truckload of new features.

The very slim, tubeless design and a front construction similar to that of the CS2 catches the eye. All information, pictures and available colours can be found on our GTEK 170R page

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Planet Eclipse GTEK 170R

Planet Eclipse FANTM Jerseys
With the new FANTM jerseys Planet Eclipse completes the FANTM product series of playing gear. The jerseys are very lightweight and high-quality made. Like like the Rain Jerseys there is no padding to offer the players as much movement as possible.

The jerseys will be available in the colors Shades black / grey, Fire black / red, Ice black / blue and Lizzard black / green at approximately 39,90€. We don't have a delivery date yet but in meantime you can order the FANTM range by following the link below.

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Planet Eclipse FANTM Jerseys

Planet Eclipse ETHA2 PAL Ready
Last year in december the revolutionary PAL Loader System from Planet Eclipse was released. The PAL (Pneumatic Agitated Loader) is probably the fastest Gravity Fed Hopper in the world and was initially available exclusively for the EMEK (100).

Now the PAL family grows and the Planet Eclipse ETHA2 is also available as PAL Ready model. All information about the PAL Loader System can be found here and the ETHA2 PAL Ready can be ordered by clicking on the following link.

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Planet Eclipse ETHA2 PAL Ready

Planet Eclipse ETHA2 / EMEK EMC Kit PAL Ready
For the ETHA2 and EMEK there is also a PAL Ready EMC Kit available. Now everybody and everyone has the possibility to benefit from the PAL system no matter if a tournament or woodland player or playing field.

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Planet Eclipse ETHA2 PAL Ready