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Bunker Kings CMD (Command) Paintball Goggle

Just in time for the World Cup 2018 Bunker Kings introduces a Paintball Goggle System.

The Bunker Kings CMD (Command) Paintball Mask was developed by professional paintball player Maximus Lundqvist and offers everything Maximus has missed in current paintball masks so far or has classified as improvable.

The Command Mask has the following features:
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Better airflow and communication
Thanks to the very generous ventilation, you always get enough fresh air even in hot situations and your commands reach your teammates clearly and audibly.

Superior HD Lens Technology
Bunker Kings CMD Paintball Goggle LensIn cooperation with Virtue Paintball, Bunker Kings has improved the popular VIO mask lenses. Thanks to a new polycarbonate coating, the mask lenses are very scratch-resistant and fogging is almost completely prevented by the Trifecta Anti-Fog System.

In addition, the lenses provide the optically correct curvature so you can see what's happening at every angle. The mask lenses of the CMD are compatible with the Virtue VIO masks and vice versa.

High-quality wearing comfort
Bunker Kings CMD Paintball Goggle FaceplateThe Command Mask fits very comfortably on the wearer's face due to the super soft and multi-layered foam. Thanks to a very simple click system, the foam can be replaced effortlessly and most importantly without glue.

The wearing comfort is further increased thanks to the low weight of the complete goggle system.

Built-in Microvisor
Bunker Kings CMD Paintball Goggle MicrovisorThe Bunker Kings Command Mask is factory equipped with a fixed microvisor.

This visor prevents the player from sun glare and additionally protects the mask glass from scratches, because the mask is the first contact with the visor when it falls down and not with the mask lens as usual.

Cool designs and an extra long mask band
As known for Bunker Kings, there will be many cool color combinations with matching mask straps. The mask band is extra long to reduce the pressure when wearing and to prevent headaches.

Further informations
The Bunker Kings CMD Goggle is out now and you can find it in our mask category