Blog08.02.2019 · News

Carbon Paintball DR Chronograph

The Carbon Paintball DR (Doppler Radar) Chronograph is elegant, functionally designed and is packed to the top with the finest technologies.

Thanks to the Doppler radar system, the DR Chroni delivers extremely precise readings. The speed can be expressed in FPS (feet per second) and many other national measurement units and the BPS (balls per second) are also measured and displayed. Instead of using expensive OLED displays or LCD's, which become pale with time, the Carbon Chronograph uses a Bluetooth module.

All measurements are sent to your Android, iOS Smartphone and Tablet Via Bluetooth and in real time. Download the free DR Chronograph from the App- or Playstore and you're ready to go.

The Chroni can be clipped directly to your smartphone/tablet or securely attached to any commercially available camera tripod with 1/4" thread.

If you no longer need the chronograph, you can transport it easily and protected from dirt in the supplied bag.

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