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ETHA2: Are you ready for the ETHALUTION?

We all know that Planet Eclipse test markers out in plain sight and they pop up from time to time on the various forums. We never know if they are testing new parts, new markers or just teasing us… however, a couple of pics have surfaced that seemed to have slipped under the radar.   Ethalution 1 Ethalution 2

Planet Eclipse ETHA2

ETHA2 Logo

We have speculated what these could be but we have gotten it wrong so many times in the past, so we just put these pictures in a folder called “Area51” until we dug them up today.

It’s no secret the work very closely with Planet Eclipse but even we don’t get to know everything. Our very own Tommy Tuens worked with Planet Eclipse at this year’s World Cup in Orlando and had a look at what Planet Eclipse had up its sleeve.

Info has just dropped from Planet Eclipse which has all of us very excited right now.

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