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Jack Wood about the CS2 Pro - Behind the Scenes #5

We wrote down some questions and asked them Jack Wood, Lead Designer at Planet Eclipse, for a fast interview about the newly introduced Planet Eclipse CS2 Pro.

For those who don't know could you please introduce yourself and tell us something about your work at Planet Eclipse?

Jack Wood:
Hi, I'm Jack Wood and I'm the lead designer at Planet Eclipse. Myself, Matt Mahoney and Steve Monks are the product design team at Eclipse. Myself and Matt handle all the mechanical and aesthetic design, and Steve is responsible for all the electronics and software. Our small team designs everything from the Emek, to MG100, the 170R and the CS2. We are a busy little crew!

What or who brought you to the idea of making a CS2 Pro?

Jack Wood:
Basically, as the name suggests, we are responding to what our Pro players have been asking for. We always like to take feedback from our Pro players and when we can, we try and implement changes that we hope will give them the edge on the field and put them in the best possible position to win!.

What is the main idea behind it?

Jack Wood:
They wanted something as light and as durable as possible, with super smooth lines to make it easy to wipe down and clean. Different players wanted different trigger shapes, so we gave them both with the marker so that they can choose what style suits them best. Then they wanted all the inserts right there in the case with the marker so they were ready for any paint size that they received at an event.

What is the difference between the CS2 and CS2 Pro?

Jack Wood:
The body and bonnet have smoother, sleeker machining. You get two trigger styles in the case, as well as 3 barrel inserts and the aluminium FL barrel tip.

How important is player feedback and how much of an impact it can have on a product?

Jack Wood:
We are constantly listening to what players of all levels are asking for. It is an important part of our development process both for brand new products and revisions to existing products. You have to listen to what your customers and players are asking for.

Is there anything you can tell us about future products? Just a little glimps maybe?

Jack Wood:
We have some exciting new products coming for magfed paintball. Some we have already shown, and some we have not. But it is a new market for us and we see lots of opportunity to improve the experience of magfed for players that like that format. And of course we are always working on new products and markers across a wide range of price points. Hopefully we will be able to discuss some exciting new products in the very near future!

Is there anything else you want to say?

Jack Wood:
Not really! Just that I hope everyone enjoys the New CS2 Pro's and the best of luck to our teams at World Cup!

Thank you very much Jack Wood for your time answering our interview questions.

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