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New Umarex T4E pistols in stock and shipping!

2020 Umarex T4E Pistols

Stand your Ground!

We've received a shipment with new Umarex T4E Smith & Wesson M&P9 M2.0 and TPM1 .40 Cal training pistols. Until today the T4E PPQ M2 is one of the most popular Home Defense and Paintball MagFed pistols.

This success story continues with those new additions to the T4E family.

Many kinds of different .43 Cal projectiles can be used with these non-lethal training pistols:
- Powderballs
- Chalkballs
- Peperballs
- Rubberballs
- Paintballs

Don't wait too long because our stock is already melting and the next shipment will happen soon.

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