Blog09.11.2018 · News @ NXL World Cup 2018 Part 1

Our boss aka Sherlock Wildemann is at the NXL World Cup 2018 in Orlando and he is taking pictures of cool new products for us all.

Part 1: Planet Eclipse EGO Lv1.5 and CS2 with custom ceramic coating

Planet Eclipse CS2 Planet Eclipse EGO LV1.5

This two beauties are shown at the Planet Eclipse World Cup booth. First you'll think these are pretty cool guns with custom andodising print but you're wrong.

Both guns have a special and super hard ceramic coating which is super reliable and can be designed freely. Is Planet Eclipse going to release more guns with such coating? We don't know but we'll keep both eyes open.

If they are going to make more of those guns you'll find them in our markers category ;-)

Planet Eclipse EGO LV1.5

Planet Eclipse CS2