Blog10.11.2018 · News @ NXL World Cup 2018 Part 2

Here we go again with cool new products of the NXL World Cup 2018 in Orlando Florida. Today we made a little visit at the PUSH Paintball booth.

Part 2: PUSH Unit goggle in HDE Camo

PUSH Unite Maske HDE camo PUSH Unite Maske HDE camo Seitenansicht

The PUSH Unite goggle system looks awesome, feels awesome, is high quality made and the only goggle system on the market where you can change the position of the nasal bone padding.

Now take this great goggle system and make it even cooler by printing the Planet Eclipse HDE Camo graphic pattern on it. Done!

This goggle is a real thing and as soon they are available you'll find them in our mask-section.