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Planet Eclipse UK Predators GTEK 170R and M170R

Planet Eclipse GTEK 170R and M170R UK Predators Edition

Heroes get remembered but legends never die!

Back into the English scenario scene, the UK Predators have scored countless victories with the GTEK 160R. The knowledge of hundreds of victories and many years of hard training has flown into the development of the 170R. England's most legendary team, the UK Predators get their own private label marker from Planet Eclipse.

A tribute to the first European team that won the World Cup in America. A more aggressive Milling and the legendary UK Predators Camo shapes the UK Predators Edition.

Available from 16.08.2019 as GTEK 170R (electropneumatic) or M170R (mechanical).

Be part of the legend!

Pre-Order now!

› UK Predators Milling
› UK Predators Camo Design
› Based on Gamma Core technology
› SL6 Inline Regulator
› Hoseless design
› Quick Release Bonnet
› Fast, tool-free maintenance
› OLED display, standard equipment (170R only)
› 9 volt block in front handle (170R only)
› BBSS with cable replaced by Light Eye Pipes (170R only)