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TWSTR CS2 - Interview with Anthony of Committed Paintball

Oh man... the first European release of a TWSTR gun ever since it came out in the US.!

We are at very proud to be the company who can bring this legend to Europe on a bigger scale. Anthony, a big thank you for this great opportunity. We believe Europe would like to know more.

Could you please introduce yourself and tell us a bit what your job at Committed Paintball is?

Anthony "T2" D'Ambrosio:
I am Anthony D'Ambrosio Antony T2 D'Ambrosio(most in the industry simply call me "T2"), I have been a part of the Boston Paintball family for 15 years. My current principal role is the acting General Operations Manager for as well as the Sales Manager for Boston Paintball Retail Locations throughout Massachusetts and Field Management of our Indoor Field in the downtown Boston area.

I also am responsible for the Graphic Design and Product Marketing Assets, Product Development and Principal Custom Marker Assembly divisions of Boston Paintball and Committed Paintball.

When (and how) did Committed Paintball started back in the days?

Anthony "T2" D'Ambrosio:
In March 2013 Committed Paintball was unveiled to the world and the support we have received has been overwhelming to say the least.

A new division of Boston Paintball, the same company that for over 26 years has redefined the industry's retail operations and playing fields in the northeast but truly re-defined what is meant to have a "custom" marker in the mid to late 90s of the sport, this passion for innovation is what flows through the veins of this company.

Let’s talk about the Twister Series. When did it start and why it’s called Twister and also TWSTR?

Anthony "T2" D'Ambrosio:
The first Twister marker was an evolution of our "Express" series of Autocockers TWSTR CS2 Back Cap Tribal Logo back in 1997, one of the very first custom markers to utilize 3D design to create a highly detailed and iconic pattern that has stood the test of time for over 20 years.

Each Twister was built-to-order and featured customer specified parts, each marker hand assembled by our dedicated team in downtown Boston. The "twister" name was coined by the distinctive contour wrapped milling lines that gave the marker the appearance of being twisted.

The difference of Twister and TWSTR is very easy to explain. "Twister" refers to all guns produced pre-2013 and also vintage guns. The name "TWSTR" marks the next generation of guns produced above 2013. The Planet Eclipse EGO LV1 was the first of our custom guns which was called TWSTR.

Who is the creator of the TWSTRs remarkable designs?

Anthony "T2" D'Ambrosio:
The first Twister Autococker was a design approved by Boston Paintball Owner, Anthony Vitale with development spanning from late 1996 to early 1997. The design was created in collaboration with LA Paintball Company (better known as LAPCO) who at the time (and still to this day) has one of the most impressive machine facilities in the country.

Anthony und Jack Wood

During the period of 1997 to 2002 the original Twister Series Autococker saw 2 different variants (calmshell and 45 style), during that period Boston paintball also experimented with other models including Automags and Angels to carry the Twister name. Due to the increased development of our playing facilities and growth of our company in other categories Twister production was halted in 2002.

I was given the responsibility to resurrect the Twister line in 2013 after a 11 year hiatus. The "TWSTR" line was a continuation of what we started over a decade earlier, approaching each marker with the same mindset as the skilled air-smiths that came before me. The opportunity to give each customer a truly unique experience through real customization was the end goal. Our first TWSTR was a collaboration with Jack Wood on the Planet Eclipse LV1 which featured aggressive 3D contoured milling, mechanical & electronic (E-Portal assisted) tuning as well as limited/exclusive colorways, limited to only 150 total markers.

Since the introduction of the LV1 back in 2013 we have released small batches of limited production TWSTR markers including the CS1, AXE, Vanquish, Classic and Retro Series Autocockers. With the release of the CS2 being our newest release and continuation of our great working relationship with Planet Eclipse.

Could you tell us how a TWSTR Gun (the cs2 as example) is being developed

Anthony "T2" D'Ambrosio:
Each project is approached differently, as each new gun is developed we try to evolve the platform with lessons learned from previous models. Specifically with the TWSTR CS2 we were given a rock solid foundation by Planet Eclipse to work with, the CS2 marker is a pro-proven platform.

Utilizing the tools (such as Eportal4), on-demand support of their Pro-Techs along with months of field testing we were able to push the limits of the CS2 platform to squeeze the optimum performance from the marker. That tuning paired with distinctive 3D contoured TWSTR Milling and the inclusion of our ERGO-S tactile forward control patch (evolved from previous TWSTR models) resulted in a modern day fusion of form and function.

How do you feel about the TWSTR European Release?

Anthony "T2" D'Ambrosio:
I could not be more excited and honored that our TWSTR CS2 marker will be available for the first time ever on a World-Wide level! TWSTR CS2 Logo

To expose our brand on this scale really adds legitimacy to the need for true custom markers.

To have our vision in the hands of European players and beyond simply helps to fuel our passion to continue working to evolve the TWSTR line into the future.

Any sneak peaks for upcoming TWSTR releases?

Anthony "T2" D'Ambrosio:
Thanks TWSTR CS2 ERGO-S Gripto Planet Eclipse's dedication to development and their open source assets, we have been working on a "TWSTR-esk" body for the entry level EMEK/ETHA2 PALS platform to help grow our brand to a larger audience.

Beyond that... we are always dreaming and scheming ;)

Is there anything else you would like to let us know?

Anthony "T2" D'Ambrosio:
Huge thanks to for bringing true custom markers to the players in Europe!

Thank you very much Anthony for this little "Behind the Scenes" interview of Committed Paintball and the TWSTR Series.