Blog27.02.2017 · News

The ETHA2 launches on the 2nd of March!

Planet Eclipse ETHA2


To bring a unique and new approach to the ETHA platform, the ETHA2 was designed from scratch. Established designs were questioned; well-established know-how was scrutinized. The ETHA2 is a breath of fresh air, from the way it shoots, to the way it feels and looks. It will bring a fantastic new level of flexibility, reliability and performance to this price point.

Driven by the now-legendary Gamma Core the Etha2 is built to handle the toughest of environments. From burning heat to chilling frozen wastes, the exceptionally tough composite external construction with aircraft-grade aluminium interior will take everything that even the roughest and most demanding player can throw at it. Yet on the field its stretched-out grip spacing, light weight and superior balance make it easy to operate, natural to aim and awesome fun to shoot.

At last, it's time for the Etha to step out of the shadows.

We’re really proud, and can’t wait to see the ETHALUTION unfold on the 2nd of March worldwide.

Etha2. The Etha - Evolved.


Planet Eclipse ETHA2 Gamma Core  Planet Eclipse ETHA2 tool-less Grips
Planet Eclipse ETHA2 Lock and Load Battery System  Planet Eclipse ETHA2 hose-less Design

Planet Eclipse ETHA2 black
Black - Available at launch

Planet Eclipse ETHA2 black / earth
Black / Earth - Available April!

Planet Eclipse ETHA2 HDE Earth
HDE Earth - Available April!