Blog29.11.2017 · News

The GMEK is here. Almost.

Planet Eclipse GMEK

One of the most talked about products of the past 6 months and certainly at this year's World Cup, the GMek mechanical frame kit for the Eclipse GTEK is on its way!

With its simplicity, low price point and ability to open up a whole new world of paintball scenarios we're certain it'll be a huge hit with paintballers around the world.

We're expecting a January 2018 launch, but we've heard from Santa that there may be a very, VERY limited number available pre-Christmas, but this absolutely depends on how busy Santa's Elves are, so this cannot be guaranteed. BUT now is the time to be first on the list!

The GMek frame kits will be available in both Black and Earth to suit all production GTEK styles, from Midnight or Black/Blue right through to HDE Earth.


The GMek is a FRAME ONLY kit that retro-fits the Eclipse GTEK. The GMek kit contains the Frame, Trigger Plate, Trigger Shoe, Trigger Spring, Trigger Screws and the Mechanical 3-Way that replaces the existing GTEK Solenoid.

By simply removing the GTEK frame, solenoid and BS units and replacing them with the GMek Frame Kit parts it transforms the GTEK into a 100% compliant Mechanical Paintball Marker. Which is awesome! It means GTEK owners can make the most of their Gamma Core Advantage and take their GMek Equipped GTEK to any Mech Event.

With the increasing popularity of mechanical marker events and the re-introduction of some old-school game formats the GMek kit opens up the mechanical paintball world to the younger market, who have only ever known or owned electro paintball markers.

The GMek Frame Kit DOES NOT fit the GTEK 160R or any other markers.  


With our latest OLED board upgrade deal you receive the perfect all-inclusive package. Standard GTEK + GMek Frame Kit + OLED Board Upgrade will makes the most of the Gamma Core Advantage, for both Mechanical and Electronic game formats.