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The ultimative tuning kit for your ETHA2/EMEK!

Inception Designs FLE Body Kits for ETHA2 and EMEK.

More precise, lighter, sleeker, this is what happens when engineers have too much time...

With the FLE Body Kit (Fantastically Light Engineering) from Inception Designs, you can turn your ETHA2 and EMEK into a completely new marker.

The body kit is about 100 grams lighter than the original, streamlined like a sports car, with Stella tuning barrel, low rise feedneck, eye covers, and barrel case.

Changing the body kit is so easy that we cannot promise you one thing:
The installation is so fast that you won't waste any time in your home office.

Please note:
The color samples shown are digitally created and may differ from the final product.

The body kits are expected to be available from end of May 2020.

Pre-order now!
FLE Body Kit colors.

Made from high-quality aluminum, including low rise feed neck and eye cover. The FLE body (Fantastically Light Engineering) is about 100 grams lighter than the original from Planet Eclipse.

Exclusively for us, the Body Kit was produced in the following six color variations:
Matte black, matte olive, matte brown, matte pink, HDE camo splash, and polished black

Stella Laufsystem Included in the kit is the company's own Stella tuning barrel in body color. In addition to different bore sizes of the barrel back, the tip is also available in different bore sizes.
Inception Designs Laufsystemtasche To transport the Stella barrel system properly, you will also get an Inception Designs barrel system bag. The practical dividers can be moved or completely removed at will.