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Two Planet Eclipse Prototypes got spotted!

Planet Eclipse Prototypes 2020

The annual dealer fair Paintball Extravaganza is just around the corner and you could almost say, right on time two Planet Eclipse prototypes were spotted "in the wild".

How do we know they are prototypes? Here are the facts:
- the two markers were covered in tape to make them unrecognizable
- the two testers are playing for the Planet Eclipse Elite Team "Operation Sandbaggers"
- the photos were taken on a CPPS field in England

Unfortunately, there is not much to see but two things can be identified. These are a Spool Valve and a Poppet Marker.

Spool Valve Prototype - Planet Eclipse CS3 ? Poppet Prototyp - Planet Eclipse EGO LV2 or ETEK6 ?
Click to zoom.

Speculations vary widely. What do you think is hidden behind all that tape?

We are very excited and looking forward to the Paintball Extravaganza which will take place from 18. till 20. of February 2020 in Memphis, USA.

Picture Credits and Source:
LluciaWood Photography (Facebook)