HK Army TFX 2


HK Army TFX 2

What are the main differences between the TFX and the TFX 2?

The TFX from HK Army, the predecessor of the TFX 2, was groundbreaking in its design and functionality. The new generation, the TFX 2, sets new standards and pushes the race for the crown of the best Loaders again. Many of the original features of the TFX are now standard among the competition. Therefore, the TFX 2 is not just a cosmetic update, but convinces again with intelligent and clever developments of the existing features. The Swoop Stack Drive, the patented drive system, is now equipped with a Reactive Eye Sensor. This leads to a flawless feed performance that is unmatched in the market, because the Reactive Eye Sensor detects when the remaining number of paintballs becomes critical and starts to rotate and pulse intermittently. The start-up speed of the swoop stack is greatly reduced, and you prevent frustrating playing moments, where other loaders fail to feed the remaining paintballs reliably.

How smooth is the TFX 2 to Paint?

In general, the TFX 2 will forgive even bad or misshapen paintballs. The TFX 2 also shoots Reballs and similar products flawlessly.

What is included with the TFX2?

The TFX 2 is a carefree all-round package, the lithium-ion battery with Micro USB connection erases the question of the "right" battery and unnecessary waste. The Speed Feed included ex works in the scope of delivery also rounds off the range. One price, for all important components, no hidden subsequent costs.

How big the TFX2?

The low-profile design of the TFX 2 ensures a small target area. The outer shell is made of impact-resistant material and can withstand even the hardest impacts. The battery is installed under the Zero Gravity Lift, so there is no external battery compartment. The Zero Gravity Lift itself is installed inside the TFX 2 and manages to still increases the capacity by its special technology and ensures that even the last ball can be shot neatly. The TFX 2 is an all-weather loader. The electronics are encapsulated by a water-repellent protective layer and the exchange of the included Speed Feed to a closed lid by pressing a button takes a mere few seconds.

Which tools do I need for the TFX 2?

The TFX 2 requires no tools. It can be disassembled and reassembled without tools. This also allows quick and easy cleaning.

  • Zero Gravity Lift
  • Reactive Eye Sensor System
  • Hyperlock Toolless Maintenance
  • Power Button w/ LED Indicator
  • Battery Meter
  • USB Charging Port and Cable
Technische Daten:
  • Weight w/ Battery – 1.0lb 1.6oz
  • Length – 9”
  • Width – 4.3”
  • Height – 3.9”
  • BPS – 22+
  • Battery Life (Full Charge) – 30,000+ Ball Count

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