Planet Eclipse

The name Planet Eclipse stands for quality from England for more than 25 years. Almost as long there is a close friendship and business relationship between and Planet Eclipse.
As Planet Eclipse european distributor and exclusive distributor for Germany, Austria and Switzerland, we offer the complete Planet Eclipse portfolio. This consists of premium markers for all price segments, player clothing, protective clothing, bags and marker accessories.
In addition to game clothing, we also stock the entire Planet Eclipse leisure clothing collection, such as T-shirts, pullovers and beanies. The flagship products of Planet Eclipse are their markers CS2, EGO LV1.5, ETEK5, GTEK 170R, GTEK M170R, EMEK 100, EMEK MG100 and ETHA2.

In addition we are a certified Planet Eclipse "Master Tech Center" and we are the right contact for all matters concerning Planet Eclipse, be it qualified maintenance, technical challenges or warranty claims. We are the right contact for all matters concerning Planet Eclipse, be it qualified maintenance, technical challenges or warranty claims.

We stock more immediately available spare parts than Planet Eclipse itself or any other Planet Eclipse dealer worldwide. Many older spare parts can only be acquired exclusively from us.


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Planet Eclipse offers high quality 68 Cal and 50 Cal Paintball markers for beginners and professionals. No matter if you are looking for a Rammer or Spooler you will find the right marker for you.

Marker Accessories

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Of course we also have the right accessories for all Planet Eclipse markers. From the Feed Neck, Grip, EMC Gemini / Tech Kit to a new Trigger, you will find everything you need and more...

Barrels & Accessories

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Here you will find a large selection of Planet Eclipse Barrel Kits and accessories. Not only the latest barrel developments, like Shaft FL with Carbon Front and Shaft FR, but also suitable barrels for older models like Shaft 5 or Shaft 4.

Maintenance & Service

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You would like to have your Planet Eclipse marker completely checked by our tech or just need some oil or grease? Then you've come to the right place..


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You are on the search for spare parts? Take a look around the world's largest Planet Eclipse spare parts store.

Playing Gear

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Assemble your individual Paintball playing gear from Planet Eclipse. No matter if you are a tournament, woodland or scenario player, the colour-coordinated jerseys and pants in combination with the matching knee and elbow protectors will prepare you for the game.

Casual Wear

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Planet Eclipse Streetwear with stylish T-Shirts, Caps, Sweaters, Beanies and more! Here you'll find everything a player's heart desires, even off field.


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The right bag for every player! From marker bags and backpacks to travel bags. At Planet Eclipse you'll find just the thing, be it for a journey or a match day.

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