Planet Eclipse Cerakote Editions

Planet Eclipse Cerakote Editions

What is Cerakote coating?
Cerakote H series is a baked-on ceramic-based polymer coating with great properties for the abuse that paintball markers take on the field. It has very high abrasion and wears resistance properties along with solid impact strength. Another benefit is it is highly resistant to chemicals, so paint or oil will not affect the coating over time. Being only 1 millimeter thick when applied, Cerakote allows us to lay a smooth thin coat that does not interfere with the specs of the markers even with multiple layers for graphics.

Cerakote also has a multitude of colors to choose from along with true white, which is a rarity in the paintball world. Cerakote does not need to have a clear coat but depending on the customer there is a flat and gloss clear option to add an extra layer of protection.

EMEK EMF100 Blood Trooper and EMF100 Blood Trooper Body Kit (July 2020):
The Blood Trooper EMEK EMF100 is limited to five pieces worldwide so far. The Blood Troopers were available either as fully assembled markers or as an EMF100 body kit. The marker or body kit contains a complete EMC Kit body shell including shroud, a PWR stock, and an EMF100 frame in Blood Trooper Cerakote design.

Planet Eclipse EMEK EMF100 Blood Trooper Planet Eclipse EMEK EMF100 Blood Trooper Detail Planet Eclipse EMEK EMF100 Blood Trooper Body Kit

CS2 Blood Trooper (November 2019):
The Blood Trooper CS2 is limited to 21 pieces worldwide, of which only six made it to Germany. By the way, there is a very interesting "Behind the Scenes" interview with Ledz about the Blood Trooper CS2. You can find this interview by following this link here.

CS2 Blood Trooper CS2 Blood Trooper Detail CS2 Blood Trooper Detail 2

CS2 USA Flag Design and EGO LV1.5 Union Flag Design (November 2018):
At the 2018 World Cup, two Cerakote finished markers from Planet Eclipse were officially introduced. The two markers were a CS2 in US Flag Design and an EGO LV1.5 in Union Flag Design. In our blog for the NXL World Cup 2018 you can find two videos in addition to the photos. You can read it by following this link here.

Fun Fact:
The EGO LV1.5 in Union Jack design is the last LV1.5 ever produced. Because of its great emotional value this ego was not for sale and has always been enthroned in Planet Eclipse's museum.

CS2 USA Flag EGO LV1.5 Union Jack