Planet Eclipse EGO LV1 to LV1.6


EGO LV1.6 Markers

The mother of all inline poppet based markers!

Ego LV1.6 (2020):
The EGO returns and once again ignites the rivalry between GEO and EGO. With a modified body design that hides a tribute to older EGO models, a new custom SMS produced solenoid for Planet Eclipse that is user serviceable and very reliable, the Shaft FL carbon fiber barrel system, the LV1.6 is probably the most advanced and most customizable inline poppet marker on the market.

Ego LV1.5 (2017):
With a new body design, the new trigger in "Blade" design, and the new, extremely low feedneck, the LV1.X series enters the final spurt to this date.

Ego LVR (End of 2016):
An aggressive and extreme milling (40g lighter than the LV1.1), the Shaft FL Carbon-Fiber barrel system, the Gun Case made of real carbon as well as its limitation distinguish the Ego LVR.

Ego LV1.1/LV1.1 Pro (2015):
With the Ego LV1.1 the volume of the LPR chamber was increased again (more constant LPR pressure), in addition the rubber of the front handle was implemented in one piece. The marker was also delivered with the Shaft Pro tip.

Ego LV1 (2013)
The continuous development of the Ego series since the release of the first Ego in 2004 led to the fact that Planet had exhausted all possibilities of the well-known system with the Ego11/EgoS. It was clear that without a revolutionary step, no further increase in performance could be achieved. So the development of the Ego LV1 started from the beginning, but also took over proven and reliable components from the predecessor models, such as the solenoid valve (solenoid) of the Ego11 equipped with Solenoid Flow Restriktors (SFRs), the Circuit Board of the Ego11 (with firmware adapted for the LV) and other small parts. The revolution took place in other areas.

Since a particularly high fire rate of more than 15 BPS in the tournament area no longer matters, the LV1 could be developed for as soft and quiet a shot as possible. Little movement of the marker when firing the shot and effortless communication of the player were in the foreground.

The big feature is the "Lever-Valve" which also gives the LV1 its name. It makes the LV1 unique.

With every other Poppet Valve marker the hammer lies exactly on the axis of the impact valve. Why? Because of the manufacturing process and "because you've always done it that way". Until now. Planet has moved the hammer of the LV1 slightly upwards and thus minimized the distance of the hammer axis to the axis of the bolt (this reduces the tilting forces between the two components connected via the bolt pin and thus the felt "kick"). Planet developed a specially shaped lever made of hardened steel, which kills two birds with one stone, so that the Poppet Valve can still be opened easily and reliably in the long run:

The lever requires less force from the ram to open the valve and the axis of the ram can be decoupled from the axis of the valve. The special shape of the lever allows the opening characteristics of the valve to be precisely adjusted.

The result is impressive. In times when almost "kickless" spoolvalve markers have become as efficient as poppet valve markers, the former kings of the discipline, the LV1 offers, in addition to a very high efficiency, the almost "kickless" shot feeling and the quiet shot of a spoolvalve marker.

With the Planet Eclipse EMC Kit Gemini, the LV1 can also be modified into a perfect scenario and woodland weapon.

Technical Data: (EGO LV1.6):
  • Weight: 918g / 2.02lb Including Barrel, Batteries, Feed Tube, POPS
  • Length: 555mm (21.8”) Including 2-Piece Shaft FL Barrel
  • Height: 205mm (8.07”)
  • Width: 27mm (1.06”)
  • Autococker barrel threads
Construction materials (EGO LV1.6):
  • Body – 6082-T6 Aluminium
  • Barrel – Carbon Fiber Tip with 6061-T6 Aluminium Insert
  • Frame – 6061-T6 Aluminium
  • Trigger - 6061-T6 Aluminium
  • Feed Neck - 6061-T6 Aluminium
  • Eye Covers - 6061-T6 Aluminium
  • Battery Mount – Glass Reinforced Nylon (GRN)
Electronics (EGO LV1.6):
  • Interface – 3 buttons on frame with tournament lock on PCB
  • Display – Transflective LCD with Tru-Colour adjustable back-light
  • Solenoid voltage – 5V
  • Processor – 16-Bit 16 MIPS Flash Microcontroller
  • Power Supply – 1 x 9V Alkaline battery (IEC 6LR61 / ANSI 1604A)
  • E-Portal - Compatible (sold separately)
Hardware (EGO LV1.6):
  • ASA Mount – AT POPS
  • Trigger Method – Micro-switch and break beam Opto switch
  • Trigger Mechanism – Leaf spring and magnetic return
  • Trigger Pivot – Dual instrument ball race units mounted in bearing carrier
  • Barrel – 2-piece Shaft FL barrel system - with Carbon Fiber tip - 14.5” total length
  • Feed Tube – Low-profile lever operated clamping feed with locking sprocket thumb wheel
Pneumatics (EGO LV1.6):
  • Operating Principle – Under and over Poppet with Lever Valve mechanism
  • Solenoid Type – Custom SMC 5/2 Solenoid Valve w/dual flow controls
  • Drive Mechanism – Zick3 Rammer (regular and lightweight options included)
  • Bolt Mechanism – Cure5 Bolt
Ergonomics (EGO LV1.6):
  • Grip Type – Dual density wraparound rubber grips
  • Grip Pitch – 173mm / 6.8”
Firmware (EGO LV1.6):
  • Firing Modes – Semi and Ramping (Capped and Uncapped)
  • Debounce Modes – 10 Debounce Presets
Scope of Delivery (EGO LV1.6):
  • Solid aluminium case with zipper
  • Planet Eclipse EGO LV1.6
  • One Shaft FL Aluminium back .689
  • One Shaft FL Carbon tip 14,5"
  • One Zick3 Heavy and Light Rammer
  • Planet Eclipse allen key set
  • Planet Eclipse oil, 10ml
  • Planet Eclipse barrel sock
  • EGO LV1.6 spare parts kit
  • Manual

EGO LV1.6 barrel kits