Planet Eclipse GEO4

Planet Eclipse GEO4

The rebirth of a legend!

The Planet Eclipse GEO4 was released in spring 2020 and was the next generation of the popular GEO platform.

Since 2009, the birth of the GEO platform and the first spool valve marker developed by Planet Eclipse, has played a major role in many victories of players and professional teams around the world.

When you look at the GEO4, you immediately notice the new design, which is very different from its predecessor. The look is clearly influenced by the geometry of modern tournament markers. The body was designed for weight reduction and a balanced weight distribution. The grip has been completely rebuilt for the new GEO4 geometry with a modified grip frame angle and new narrow, tool-free grip shells.

At the heart of the GEO4 works the IV Core, beloved by many players. In combination with the SFR (Solenoid Flow Restrictor), the GEO4 offers a customizable shot feeling and an unmistakable sound signature, which can best be described with a "pfft". Sounds funny? But it is "pfft". The redesigned Cure ST2.5 bolt now features a soft tip embedded in the bolt, making it possible to shoot even the most fragile paint.

To get paintballs straight to the target, the GEO4 has the latest Planet Eclipse FL barrel set included - the Shaft FL aluminum barrel system. Thanks to the special double helix bore in the tip, the ball is accelerated evenly and leaves the barrel with a pleasantly quiet sound signature.

The front grip has also been redesigned. In addition the frame received more reinforcements and the so-called battery carrier has been optimized. Even with harder landings it is now impossible for the batteries to lose contact, as it could happen with older GEO versions.

Planet Eclipse GEO4 - The rebirth of a legend.

GEO4 Markers

Technical Data:
  • Weight: 889g / 1.96lb Including Barrel, Batteries, Feed Tube, POPS
  • Length: 545mm (21.46”) Including 2-Piece Shaft FL Barrel
  • Height: 198mm (7.8”)
  • Width: 32mm (1.25”)
  • Autococker barrel threads
Construction materials:
  • Body – 6061-T6 Aluminium
  • Barrel – Aluminium Tip with 6061-T6 Aluminium Insert
  • Frame – 6061-T6 Aluminium
  • Trigger - 6061-T6 Aluminium
  • Feed Neck - 6061-T6 Aluminium
  • Eye Covers - 6061-T6 Aluminium
  • Battery Mount – Glass Reinforced Nylon (GRN)
  • Interface – 3 buttons on frame with tournament lock on PCB
  • Display – Transflective LCD with Tru-Colour adjustable back-light
  • Solenoid voltage – 3V
  • Processor – Dual parallel up to 40MHz 16bit processors
  • Power Supply – 2 x AA 1.5V (LR6)
  • E-Portal - Compatible (available for download at
  • ASA Mount – AT2 POPS
  • Trigger Method – Micro-switch and break beam Opto switch
  • Trigger Mechanism – Leaf spring and magnetic return
  • Trigger Pivot – Dual instrument ball race units mounted in bearing carrier
  • Barrel – 2-piece Shaft FL barrel system - with Aluminium tip - 14.5” total length
  • Feed Tube – Low-profile lever operated clamping feed with locking sprocket thumb wheel
  • Operating Principle – Spool valve
  • Solenoid Type – Bespoke in-house engineered solenoid assembly
  • Drive Mechanism – IV Core with quick-release back cap
  • Bolt Mechanism – Spool Cure ST1 and ST2 bolts
  • Solenoid Flow Restrictor – Yes
  • Grip Type – Contoured dual density slimline 2-piece grips with tool-less removal
  • Grip Pitch – 173mm / 6.8”
  • Firing Modes – Semi and Ramping (Capped and Uncapped)
  • Debounce Modes – 10 Debounce Presets
Scope of delivery:
  • Solid Aluminum-Case with Zipper
  • Planet Eclipse GEO4
  • One Shaft FL Aluminium Back .689
  • One Shaft FL Aluminium Tip 14,5"
  • One Cure ST1 and Cure ST2.5 Soft Tip Bolt
  • Planet Eclipse allen key set
  • Planet Eclipse Grease, 10ml
  • Planet Eclipse barrel sock
  • GEO4 spare parts kit
  • Manual

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