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T-Shirt Dry Fit HK Army Mens Lined Up black

T-Shirt Dry Fit HK Army Mens Lined Up black

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T-Shirt Dry Fit HK Army Mens Lined Up black

Are you looking for a Dri Fit Shirt that provides you with style, performance and comfort? HK Army Dry Fit Tees are specifically designed to do just that. Feel the difference with our HK Dri Fit technology.

HK Dry Fit shirts bring high-tech fabric manufacturing to the front line of paintball performance gear. Composed of entirely ultra-lightweight, moisture-wicking microfiber polyester mesh, the HK Dri Fits function as a cooling undershirt for paintball players, or, simply as a lightweight, cooling casual t-shirt. 

100% Polyester

Comfortable to wear thanks to Hk Army Dry Fit technology.
The combination of super-light and breathable microfibre and polyester blended fabric has a cooling effect, even on particularly hot days.

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