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Virtue Clock III Chronograph

Virtue Clock III Chronograph

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Virtue Clock III Chronograph

The Virtue Clock Chronograph is the paintball industry standard for monitoring feet per second (FPS), balls per second (BPS), and velocity consistency (avg, +/-) in a compact handheld unit. The Clock III features completely redesigned electronics including a more durable and battery efficient LED screen, a more reliable and accurate radar antenna and wireless connectivity for Firmware updates and calibration.

The Virtue Clock III offers the following improvements and new features:
- NEW: Wireless Firmware Upgradeable & Calibration
- Improved Moisture Resistance and better GRN construction
- Improved Radar Accuracy
- Improved Battery Life
- Improved Sunlight Performance
- Improved and stronger Battery Harness

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Virtue Clock III Chronograph
Virtue Clock III Chronograph

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