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Loader Bunker Kings CTRL Highlander camo

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Bunker Kings

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Loader Bunker Kings CTRL Highlander camo

Bunkerkings has done it again! After rigorous testing, they are proud to present the smallest, most perfectly balanced high-end loader in paintball.

Perfectly Balanced
The CTRL is designed to feel perfectly balanced on every gun, mechanical or electronic. Whether you’re running and shooting, diving, or snap shooting, playing with a CTRL on top of your marker not only feels amazing but your field of view is increased thanks to the smaller profile. Welcome to Perfectly Balanced, Professional Performance. Plus it looks awesome.

Industry First Angle Indicator Training
“Dial-in” your shot to make more eliminations by doing simple “reps” at home without firing a single ball. The CTRL is the first loader in paintball designed with a built-in Angle Indicator that is calibrated to shoot from the back center to the opposite corner on a regulation-sized tournament field. An LED light bar on the back of the CTRL senses the precise angle needed to shoot from the back center to the corner (by default), or you can set your own angle at the field with the press of a button; then practice “breakout reps” from home or anywhere else.

How does it help? Having your gun precisely aligned on the breakout is one of the best ways to rack up eliminations early in the game, but it’s also one of the most difficult shots to make due to the distance of the moving target. The angle indicator is not designed to be used while playing but instead is a simple training method to quickly reinforce your muscle memory to dial in the right shot and train repetitively without firing a single paintball. No matter how good a shot you think you are, everyone can improve with practice and nothing is easier than simply practicing to bring your gun up to the right angle in the comfort of your own room.

Stronger Nylon Lid and (optional) Ramps
The CTRL loader features an upgraded glass-filled nylon lid, which is made of the same material as the CTRL shell itself and not subject to cracking like polycarbonate lids. The optional, upgraded dual spring ramps are also made of nylon for ultimate durability.

Never Jams & Soft on Paint
The internal geometry of the raceway combined with soft, flexible fingers on an upgraded CTRL drive cone not only eliminates the possibility for any jammed paintballs but are also ultra-soft on fragile paint. The entire interior of the CTRL has been designed with smooth edges to reduce the chance of broken paint while diving, and for players that want to ensure top rates of fire from start to finish regardless of hopper angle, the CTRL offers dual spring ramp upgrades for the front and back of the loader.

Enhanced Proactive Feeding Logic
The CTRL feeding logic is redesigned from the ground up. Rather than rely on shot activation to feed paint for every shot, the CTRL loader activates feeding as soon as your gun starts shooting, and continues to feed until the stack is full without requiring a G-force sensor to detect every shot.

Enhancements from the Licensed Spire III Platform
While the CTRL loader licenses technology from the industry-leading Spire III loader, several important enhancements have been made.

Magnetic Tray and Ball Raceway
The CTRL loader is even easier to take apart thanks to an improved tray design that slots into place in the shell using magnets. Cleaning of the raceway without tools is faster and easier as well, as the ball raceway itself is also secured with magnets. And in the case of an adventurous dive, that might send lesser loaders flying apart into pieces, the tray is securely clamped into place when the top shell is locked down.

Guided Programming Menu
If you don’t want to reach for your phone and can’t remember what those complicated lights mean, you’ll be thrilled with how easy it is to make simple preference adjustments or changes to the CTRL’s programming menu. Each setting is printed on the bottom of the circuit board, should you need to change it. No manual needed, but most importantly, the CTRL comes ready to play out of the box with no adjustments or tweaking necessary!

- Perfectly Balanced
- Angle Indicator
- Smaller
- Lighter
- Never Jams
- Soft on Paint
- Toolless Disassembly
- Upgraded Magnetic Spire Drive
- Magnetic Toolless Tray
- Enhanced Proactive Feeding Logic
- Simple Programming Menu
- Compatible with Virtue N-Charge Battery Pack
- Compatible with Bunker Kings NTR and Virtue Crown SF2 Speedfeeds


Capacity: 200 rounds
Batteries: 3x AA
Weight: 410 gr
Length: 22,35 cm (8.8")
Width: 10,42 cm (4.1")
Height: 9,40 cm (3.7")

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