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Loader HK Army TFX 2

The new TFX 2 offers remarkable improvements in quality and performance over its predecessor, the TFX. HK Army has consistently developed the now frequently copied, powerful functions and implemented numerous technological improvements, so that with the new TFX 2, HK Army presents a loader that is state-of-the-art in many areas.

HK Army's unique patented drive system has been enhanced with a Reactive Eye Sensor System, offering better performance and reliability than comparable competitive products.

The included lithium-ion battery and the included speed feed make the TFX 2 a great complete package on the market.

"Ready to Kill": The TFX 2 does not require any after-market add-ons to be competitive.

The integrated Zero Gravity Lift increases the capacity of the TFX 2 to over 200 paintballs without increasing the hitting area. The spring-actuated lift also ensures that not a single ball remains in the loader.

The rechargeable Li-Ion battery is installed under the lift, which features an energy level indicator and a USB charging port.

Due to the intelligent arrangement of the battery assembly under the lift, the TFX 2 no longer needs a dedicated battery compartment and thus minimises the hitting area.

The heart of the TFX 2, the drive unit, has been equipped with the Reactive Eye system. This system detects when there are only a few paintballs left and automatically rotates the drive at certain intervals, making the start-up speed of the drive extremely fast. The fast reaction time of the drive prevents play-decisive moments without paint.

The TFX 2 works with a very wide range of paintballs, be it oily, misshapen or brittle; the TFX 2 works perfectly with your paint. Reballs or other reusable paintballs are also welcome in TFX 2.

The TFX 2 can be completely disassembled without tools and is therefore very easy and quick to clean.

The outer design of the TFX 2 is extremely flat and therefore offers a small hitting area. The material of the shell is of high quality and can withstand any stress and strain.

The electronics are encased in a waterproof coating and the supplied speed feed can be replaced by a closed lid at the touch of a button.
This keeps your focus on the opponent, not on your equipment, during rainy and bad weather matches.

- Incl. Speedfeed and rain lid
- Rechargeable Li-Ion Battery incl. charging cable
- Reactive Eye Sensor
- Zero Gravity Lift Tray
- Toolless Maintenance
- High Grade Impact Resistant Composition
- Power Button with LED Indicator
- 22+ Average BPS
- Water Resistant Electronics
Incl. speedfeed and rain cover, no expensive replacement of components
. Simply charge the integrated battery with the supplied battery cable
. Increased capacity to over 200 paintballs without increased hit area
Short start-up speed of the drive, thanks to the Reactive Eye Sensor System
. Easy maintenance, complete without tools

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