HPA System 300 Bar Planet Eclipse E.LITE + HK Army Aerolite Reg + 1,1l Supralite

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HPA Regulator 300 Bar (4500 PSI) HK Army Powerhouse Aerolite

The HK Army Aerolite Regulator was developed in a joint-venture between HK Army and Powerhouse.

The claim wasn't a small one and quickly made clear:
the aim was to develop nothing less than the most advanced, reliable and constant regulator in the paintball industry.

After about 2 years of development the Powerhouse Aerolite was ready.

The innovative design allows the output pressure to be adjusted in a few simple steps. The Output pressure can be easily changed from 650psi to 450psior vice versa just by exchanging the piston. Made of the highest quality aluminum and equipped with a clever 360° threaded cap, the position of the fill nipple and gauge can be perfectly adjusted to your setup.

The biggest advantage of the regulator is the new Wavespring technology, which guarantees a constant and reliable output pressure. The special shape of the spring ensures low wear and tear and constant set up pressure.

Features Regulator
- Constant outlet pressure
- Low Pressure & High Pressure Piston (450 & 650psi)
- Made of super light aluminum
- Rupture discs 1,8K & 7,5K
- 360° threaded cap to adjust to your setup
- Wavespring technology

HPA Tank 4500psi Planet Eclipse 1,1L E.LITE Series SupraLite

The Eclipse E-Lite bottle series combines the latest air tank manufacturing processes to produce an extremely lightweight high performance composite gas cylinder that is up-to 30% lighter than other standard composite models.

Composite Aluminium / Carbon Fiber Wrap
PI Rated 1017

air fill only
capacity: 1.1L / 0.68cu
max Pressure : 4500PSI
weight: 0.65KG
length: ~22,5cm
diameter: ~8,5cm
inspection every 5 years 
maximum period of use 10 years

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