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HPA System 300 Bar Planet Eclipse + HK Army Aerolite Reg + 1,1l Armotech

HPA System 300 Bar Planet Eclipse + HK Army Aerolite Reg + 1,1l Armotech

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HPA Regulator 300 Bar (4500 PSI) HK Army Powerhouse Aerolite

The HK Army Aerolite Regulator was developed in a joint-venture between HK Army and Powerhouse.

The claim wasn't a small one and quickly made clear:
the aim was to develop nothing less than the most advanced, reliable and constant regulator in the paintball industry.

After about 2 years of development the Powerhouse Aerolite was ready.

The innovative design allows the output pressure to be adjusted in a few simple steps. The Output pressure can be easily changed from 650psi to 450psior vice versa just by exchanging the piston. Made of the highest quality aluminum and equipped with a clever 360° threaded cap, the position of the fill nipple and gauge can be perfectly adjusted to your setup.

The biggest advantage of the regulator is the new Wavespring technology, which guarantees a constant and reliable output pressure. The special shape of the spring ensures low wear and tear and constant set up pressure.

Features Regulator
- Constant outlet pressure
- Low Pressure & High Pressure Piston (450 & 650psi)
- Made of super light aluminum
- Rupture discs 1,8K & 7,5K
- 360° threaded cap to adjust to your setup
- Wavespring technology

HPA Tank 4500psi Armotech PI 1,1L Planet Eclipse Black

We proudly present  the world exclusive Armotech 1.1 liter 300 bar bottle Composite in noble black. The bottle is made out of very high quality materials, lightweight and stylish. A MUST HAVE for every player. The absolute highlight is the low weight of only 800 grams! The Armotech bottle is one of the lightest bottles on the market. 

The bottle has the required TUV / PI certifications for Europe and Germany . With a capacity of 1.1 liters at 300 bar the bottle is suitable for every player. 


air fill only
capacity: 1.1L / 0.68cu
max Pressure : 4500PSI
weight: 0.8KG
length: ~19,5cm
diameter: ~11cm
inspection every 5 years 
maximum period of use 10 years
TUV/ PI Certified 


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