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HPA System 4500 Psi Planet Eclipse Chain, Ninja Standard Reg, 1,3l Armotech tank

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Planet Eclipse

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HP System 300 Bar Planet Eclipse Chain, Ninja Standard Reg, 1,3l Armotech bottle

We present you the Planet Eclipse HP System (powered by Armotech) in CHAIN design with a capacity of 1,3l at 300 Bar (79ci, 4500psi).

This bottle is the ideal middle way for any player who needs more volume but doesn't want to carry a heavy 1.5l (90ci) bottle. With only 850gramm the bottle is a real lightweight. The high-quality stainless steel core is coated with light, hard-wearing carbon and thus ensures safe and carefree playing.

An absolute MUST for any player who values both fancy design and the highest possible security.

The built-in Ninja Standard Regulator is double secured by two bursting discs and has an output pressure of 800 psi. This can be reduced from 800 to 650 and 500 PSI in just a few simple steps.

Technical data of the bottle:
Empty weight: 850g
Length 23cm
width 11cm
circumference 34,5cm
TÜV every 5 years
Max. Useful life 10 years

More information:
This system has a non PI certified regulator installed!



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