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HPA System 4500 Psi Planet Eclipse Chain, Ninja Ultra Light Reg, 1,3l Armotech tank

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Planet Eclipse

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HP System 300 Bar Planet Eclipse Chain, Ninja Ultra Light Reg, 1,3l Armotech bottle

We present you the Planet Eclipse HP System (powered by Armotech) in CHAIN design with a capacity of 1,3l at 300 Bar (79ci, 4500psi).

This bottle is the ideal middle way for any player who needs more volume but doesn't want to carry a heavy 1.5l (90ci) bottle. With only 850gramm the bottle is a real lightweight. The high-quality stainless steel core is coated with light, hard-wearing carbon and thus ensures safe and carefree playing.

An absolute MUST for any player who values both fancy design and the highest possible security.

The built-in Ninja Ultra Light Regulator is double secured by two bursting discs and comes with a fixed output pressure of 800psi.

Technical data of the bottle:
Empty weight: 850g
Length 23cm
width 11cm
circumference 34,5cm
TÜV every 5 years
Max. Useful life 10 years

More information:
This system has a non PI certified regulator installed!



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