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HP Regulator 4500psi Ninja PRO V2 SHP

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HP Regulator 4500psi Ninja PRO V2 SHP

The Ninja Pro V2 SHP was designed specifically for the Tippmann markers running RT and Cyclone Feed as well as Automags running RT. This regulator ships at 1100psi, ideal for increasing your rate of fire on your Automag to 20+ balls per second, unleashing the full potentional of your Automag.

You have the ability to remove 3 shims inside of the regulator to drop the pressure down to 950 PSI, which whe found to be ideal on tippmanns that are starving for air when using the RT and Cyclone Feed upgrades

Attention: Please use this regulator only with Automags or Tippmann Markers with Cyclone Feed or RT Upgrade. Feel free to ask if you need any help. Thanks :-)

Weight: 166 grams 
Length: 57 mm 
Outlet pressure: 1100 PSI, adjustable to 950 PSI

Additional Information: 
This regulator is not PI certified

Regulators and bottles without PI certification are legal to be sold and used.
Non PI bottles and regulators must be transported with a filling pressure under 2 bar on public roads. 


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