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HP Regulator 4500psi Ninja PRO V2 SLP

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HP Regulator 4500psi Ninja PRO V2 SLP

Get your high quality Nina Pro V2 SLP Regulator for your HP system with 360° rotational collar. SLP stands for Super Low Pressure. The output pressure is fixed at 300PSI and which is not useable for all kind of markers. Inform yourself if your marker will work with an initial pressure of 300PSI. With the new "Ball Valve Seal", which replaces the pin by a spring-loaded ball, the air flow was improved by 30%. So your marker is supplied optimal and constant with air. 

Additional Information: 
This regulator is not PI certified

Regulators and bottles without PI certification are legal to be sold and used.
Non PI bottles and regulators must be transported with a filling pressure under 2 bar on public roads. 


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