HP Regulator 4500psi Ninja Standard Regulator

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HP Regulator 4500psi Ninja Standard Regulator

The Ninja Standard Regulator ships at 800psi and comes with the ability to adjust your output pressure from 500psi, 650psi or 800 psi. This regulator comes standard with a high quality gauge and an aluminium bonnet for a good weight balance.

Additional Information: 
This regulator is not PI certified

Regulators and bottles without PI certification are legal to be sold and used.
Non PI bottles and regulators must be transported with a filling pressure under 2 bar on public roads.

Weight: 160 gramm
Length: 54 mm
Output: 800psi adjustable to 650 and 500 psi
Short design
Adjustable output pressure
30% increased Flow
Made in America

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