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Planet Eclipse GMEK Frame Kit for GTEK, black

Planet Eclipse GMEK Frame Kit for GTEK, black

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Planet Eclipse
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This item is not being produced anymore.
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Planet Eclipse GMEK Frame Kit for GTEK, black

Old School meets New School! The GMEK Frame Kit transforms your electro-pneumatic GTEK into his mechanical counterpart GMEK! Besides the all-new mechanical look and feel, it enables you to participate in mech-only Events and old-school formats.

The installation is quick and easy, there’s no degree in rocket-science required. Also all key features remain the same, from the legendary Gamma Core performance all the way to famous Planet Eclipse quality and reliability.

- GMEK Frame
- Trigger Plate
- Trigger Shoe
- Trigger Spring
- Trigger Screws
- Spares Baggy
- Mechanical 3-Way that replaces the existing GTEK Solenoid.

The installation is not allowed in germany! You must be 18 or older to order!
The GMEK Frame Kit DOES NOT fit the GTEK 160R or any other markers.

Oldschool meets Newschool! The GMEK Frame Kit turns your electro-pneumatic GTEK into the mechanical version, GMEK!
The upgrade kit opens doors to events and leagues that are not allowed with your electro-pneumatic markers.
In addition to the mechanical shot sequence, you still enjoy all the advantages of the GTEK and Gamma Core.
Color: black
Attention: Installation is prohibited in Germany! Only compatible with the GTEK!

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