Planet Eclipse Oring and Detent Kit

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Planet Eclipse

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Planet Eclipse O-Ring und Detent Ersatzteilset

20x Ball Detents
10x O-Ring 006 NBR90
10x O-Ring 009 NBR70
10x O-Ring 010 NBR70
10x O-Ring 011 NBR70
20x O-Ring 14x2 NBR70
10x O-Ring 14 NBR70
10x O-Ring 013 NBR70
10x O-Ring 012 NBR70
10x O-Ring 012 NBR90
10x O-Ring 015 NBR70
10x O-Ring 015 NBR90
10x O-Ring 016 NBR70
10x O-Ring 017 NBR70
10x O-Ring 020 NBR70
10x O-Ring 20x2 NBR70
10x O-Ring 18x2 NBR70
10x O-Ring 007 NBR70
10x O-Ring 008 NBR70
10x O-Ring 005 NBR90
10x O-Ring 004 NBR70
10x 018 NBR 70
10x 6x1 NBR70 O-Ring
10x 3x1 NBR70 O-Ring
10x 5x1 NBR70
10x 021 NBR 70
10x #6 Spool Seal - NBR80

Original Planet Eclipse spare part.

Compatible with the following markers: Universal, GEO 1, GEO 2, GEO 3.5, GEO GSL, EGO 07, EGO 08, EGO 09, EGO 10, EGO 11, EGO CSL, EGO LV1.X, ETHA / ETHA LT, ETEK 1, ETEK 2, ETEK 3, ETEK 4, ETEK 5, EGO 06, EGO 05, GEO 3, GEO 3.1, GEO 2.1, CS1, GTEK, GTEK 160R, CSR, EGO SLS, EGO SL8R, EGO SL74, EGO SL94, CS1.5, Etha LT, GEO CS1.5, EGO LV1.5

Universal Parts Set 
Compatible to Planet Eclipse markers 
Extra Detents
Many O-Rings
Perfect for Teams

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