Tiberius First Strike T15 .68 Cal PDW black

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Tiberius First Strike
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Tiberius First Strike T15 .68 Cal PDW black

The groundbreaking T15 magazine fed paintball marker is the first of its kind offering a true .68 caliber Paintball marker in a 1 to 1 AR platform. The T15 features a reliable lightweight cast aluminum body that will withstand the toughest environments while maintaining ideal maneuverability.

The T15 PDW (Personal Defense Weapon) is a shorter version of the normal T15 and it's perfect for urban scenarios where every inch counts. The T15 PDW version comes standard with an 7" Floating Handguard and a 8,5" Lapco First Strike Barrel System.

Personalize your T15 to your style of Paintball – the First Strike T15 accepts multiple authentic “real steel” parts so you can adopt your game play, allowing for more modifications, and increasing functionality.

- With 7" Floating Handguard and 8,5" Lapco Frist Strike Barrel System
- Functional Charging Handle
- 19/20 Continuous Feed First Strike Magazines
- Magazine and Hopper Feed
- Removable Fixed Sights
- Dual Feed System (Hopper and/or MagFed)
- Incl. collapsible Stock
- Incl. Tool Kit & Spare Parts

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