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Planet Eclipse EMEK 100 black with PAL Hi-Cap and 0,8l HP tank

Planet Eclipse EMEK 100 black with PAL Hi-Cap and 0,8l HP tank

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Planet Eclipse EMEK 100 black with PAL Hi-Cap and 0,8l HP tank

Planet Eclipse EMEK 100 .68 Cal black

The perfect price-performance ratio makes the EMEK (based on the ETHA2 platform) the most popular Entry-Level marker from Planet Eclipse. The reliable and rugged jack of all trades combines the durability and simple maintainability of a standard Blowback marker with the smooth shot and air-efficiency of the Gamma Core. Once you got your hands on an EMEK you’ll never go back to Blowback!

The internal aluminum-body and the GRN outer shell don’t just ensure its absolute durability, combined with its mechanical function and the 8” barrel they are also responsible for the weight of only 851g.

Marker Features:
- Mechanical marker with Gamma Core performance
- Also available in Cal.50
- Cure ST 1 Bolt System based on the CS-Gamma-Core platform
- Hoseless design
- Ideal for beginners and field owners
- PAL Enabled Marker

Loader Planet Eclipse PAL High-Cap, black

The PAL Loader is probably the fastest battery-free gravity fed loader in the world.

Should you ever have to shoot extremely fast in a tough firefight, you don't need to shake the marker any more as with conventional gravity fed loaders. So you have always aligned the marker on its target.

The PAL system guarantees a perfect gaming experience without annoying batteries. This protects the environment and the wallet equally.

The battery-free, mechanical PAL Loader is the ideal complement to the mechanical, battery-free EMEK. Planet Eclipse shows that through intelligent engineering, great fun and high shot rates are possible even without electrical aids and high acquisition costs.

No batteries needed
Feedrates up to 10 bps possible
Compatible with .68 and .50 Cal paintballs
Tough GRN material
Pneumatic agitation
Two-piece shell construction

-weight 240g
-Length 207mm
-Height 133mm
-Width 104mm
-68 Cal Capacity 220
-50 Cal Capacity 590
-Feed Rate 10+ Bps

HPA System 3000 Psi Protoyz with Protoyz Regulator and 0,8l aluminium tank, PI certified

The 0.8 L aluminum bottle is the golden standard HP compressed air solution with 200 bar (3000psi) filling pressure. The lightweight regulator consists of 3.3206 aluminum. Due to the precise micro-manometer the current cylinder pressure can be read at any time so there won't be any nasty surprises on field. Of course, the filling connection is made of stainless steel and the dual burst disc system secures optimum cylinder and outlet pressure. Therefore, any damage to the marker will be avoided.

Empty weight (with regulator): 
1.40 kg

More information:
Output pressure: 850psi
Color: black
Hydrotesting: Every 10 years

Co2 and HP cylinders are always shipped empty for safety and legal reasons.

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