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Actioncam PlanBeta I.C.U. Tacticam 2.0 HD 720p

Actioncam PlanBeta I.C.U. Tacticam 2.0 HD 720p

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Actioncam PlanBeta I.C.U. Tacticam 2.0 HD 720

The Plan Beta I.C.U. 2.0 Tacticam is an compact, ultra-light High Definition Actioncam from Plan Beta. From afar, the ICU 2.0 may look like a laser unit, but it is in fact a mini camera device which fits on every Picatinny rail system. You’re free to choose where to mount the cam on your gun on top, or underbarrel), due to the Image's 180º auto-flip function.

You can manually control when to film by pressing a pressure switch held by a holding band, so you can pick and choose the most interesting moments instead of wasting lots of space.It features a holding band which you can apply to the pistol grip which keeps the Pressure switch in position. The internal lithium battery lasts an hour, and if this is not enough, you can charge it via Micro USB with a Powerbank.


- Fits Picatinny rails
- Weights in at only 29 grams
- rugged body
- Integrated 170mAh Lithium battery
- Image's 180º auto-flip function
- Micro SD Card* compatible from 8 to 32 GB
- HD video resolution (720p)
- USB cable und rubberband included

Compatible with all Picatinny rails and allows the camera to be attached to your marker in a few simple steps.
Easy handling thanks to the flexible recording switch.
Compatible with all Mirco SD cards from 8 to 32 GB. Not included in delivery.
A long shelf life thanks to the robust manufacturing.
In optics of a laser targeting device. Ideal for all scenario and woodland players who want a realistic military look.

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