Killhouse K1/HD Mini Riser Mount

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Killhouse K1/HD Mini Riser Mount

The ultra low profile K1/HD Mini Riser Mount by Killhouse Weapon Systems is the ideal way to mount your red dot sights or scopes to your marker.

Constructed to work in coordination with smaller sights and scopes the K1/HD Mini Riser Mount will raise your sight to an optimal height for excellent target acquisition without increasing your profile. Perfect for any paintball or airsoft operator, the K1/HD Mini Riser Mount will help you take the fight to your opposition with unstoppable force!

- Offset Rail allows the attachment of red dot sights, scopes, laser/flashlights or other picatinny rail accessories.
- 1.5" Low profile design
- High grade aluminum construction
- Double screw design creates a stable and secure platform for your favorite Killhouse Weapon systems sights and scopes

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